Village of Goodsoil
Central Gateway to Meadow Lake Provincial Park

Phone (306) 238.2094  Fax (306) 238.2098  Email

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am-12pm ~ 12:30pm to 3:30pm 

Council Meetings are every 2nd Wednesday each month @ 4:30pm

News & Projects

  • 2013 Waterworks Financial Overview
  • Click <Here> to see file


  • 2013 Provincial 2A Goodsoil Volleyball Champs!

  • The Village of Goodsoils' water treatment was upgraded 8 years ago
  • Waste water system was upgraded 2 years ago
  • Our garbage pick up goes to the Regional Landfill

  • Goodsoil is currently in the 4th phase of development for residential & commercial.

The Village of Goodsoil, is a welcoming, family-friendly & full service community.


The Meadow Lake Provincial Park, is only 5km North from The Village of Goodsoil.